Normandy Landing Beaches 12 Hours

Your visit will start at the Point du Hoc where 225 rangers of the 2nd Battalion of the 29th division of Colonel Rudder who came ashore and climbed the chalk cliffs to destroy the cannons which were believed to be positioned on top of the cliffs.  Thanks to the courage of these soldiers, the mission was accomplished in spite of heavy casualties. 

From there we will visit Omaha Beach, sadly named Bloody Omaha, because of very heavy casualties suffered by the 1st and 29th US Infantry Divisions to create the beachhead.  You will see the former stronghold of the German forces and the immense 6 km (4 mile) beach, and the memorial of the first American cemetery.  

Next you will visit the American Cemetery of Colleville sur Mer dedicated in 1956 to receive the tombs of the 9387 soldiers who sacrificed their lives in Normandy and the memorial of the 1557 missing in action.  You can also stop at the Visitors Center to discover the everyday lives of the soldiers and the Normandy battle. 

Next you will discover the artificial harbor d’Arromanche which was the supply point of the English and Canadian Allied Expeditionary Force.  There was also an artificial harbor at Omaha Beach which has almost completely disappeared.  These logistical operations were key to the success of the allied forces in Normandy. 

We will stop at a restaurant for lunch at your convenience during the trip. 

This is the general schedule which can be modified at your request.  Visits to Utah Beach, Sainte-Mère-Église, Pegasus Bridge, Juno Beach and Gold Beach are also possible, but they cannot all be seen within the 12 hour tour.